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Top 6 Favorite MAC Cosmetic Red Lipstick Shades

Top 6 Favorite MAC Cosmetic Red Lipstick Shades

Red lipsticks is such a classic lipstick color and it goes great with everyone and anyone. Nothing can go wrong with red lipstick no matter what you are wearing. Red Apple Lipstick, the #1 gluten free lipstick brand. Buy Revlon Matte Lipstick, Really Red 006 with free shipping on orders over $35, low prices & product reviews | drugstore. Description These are completely opaque, thick tights (I would say around 70-80 DEN*). They stay put just were they are supposed two: below the bust line. quot;Red Lipstick" is a song by Barbadian recording artist Rihanna, from the deluxe edition of her sixth studio al, Talk That Talk (2011). Explore NARS wide range of bold color semi-matte lipsticks.

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Red lips bring to mind the classic stars of Old Hollywood — think Elizabeth Taylor and Marilyn Monroe.
Red lips are a hold beautiful fashion statement, but trying to find the best red lipstick for fair skin can be extremely difficult.
Timeless Red Lipsticks “Russian Red” by MAC. Bold colors are what made MAC Cosmetics a cult makeup brand.

I had done my nails using red nail polish and gold craft glitter and decided to try to create an outfit that somewhat matched them. Why is it that red lipstick never seems to go out of style? Red is still hot for spring, according to the fashion magazines. What is the best red lipstick with blue undertones? Lipstick is undeniably a woman’s must have. However, some lipsticks are less than flattering than others.

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Inglot Freedom System Eye Shadows 20 Palette Colourful

Inglot Freedom System Eye Shadows 20 Palette Colourful

I love colors and this goes perfect with what I like to wear. Last week I began my feature of the Inglot Freedom System eyeshadows I purchased for my professional kit. I ordered three of the 20 pan Freedom System palettes. Inglot Cosmetics Chelsea Market Building 5th floor, 75 9th Avenue New York, NY 10011 United States Ph: 855-224-1922 e-mail: salesRep@inglot. Inglot Cosmetics 302 Gatehouse Black River Park Cape Town, Western Cape 7925 South Africa Ph: 27 21 4477718 e-mail: sales@inglot. 1/7/2011 · My mom took me to INGLOT to buy lipsticks. So I got my first palette and I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT. Here are the swatches. I used the Inglot Makeup Base as a primer for the swatches.

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  • Find great deals on eBay for inglot and inglot eyeshadow.
  • Inglot Launches New Products for November 2013.
  • Fusion Blush & Illuminator ($13.00) INGLOT Fusion Blush and Illuminator is a perfect combination for face modelling.
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7 Standard Different Shades of Red Lipsticks

7 Standard Different Shades of Red Lipsticks

In this post i differentiate between the different shades of red that are out in the world of beauty so for all of you who don't think a certain shade of red doesn't suit you, you can then maybe choose a different shade of red, thus finding your perfect red.

Here are the standard different shades of red that i found that all are very different but still are red lipsticks.

1. Warm Tone Red - Maybelline New York Colour Sensational: 547

This is i think is the most well known red lipstick and the one that i believe everyone can pull regardless of skin colour. This red is a warm red with a slight pink undertone, perfect for bringing instant brightness to your face and to look instantly made up. One of the most iconic figures to have worn this shade of red lipstick was the fabulous Michelle Pfeiffer as Catwoman. The deep warm red almost humanised her thus warming her cool dead complexion. 

2. Cool Tone Red - Giorgio Armani Rouge d'Armani: 409

The opposite of the warm tone red, the cool tone red with an orange undertone. this colour reminds me of the 50's/60's Bollywood actresses who always wore this colour, it somehow made their skin brighter and more fresh.

3. Brick Red - No.7 Moisture Drench: Shiny Conker

I consider this a sophisticated red. this red is a warm red with a brown undertone. Some also can call this a 90's lipstick colour where the browny red lips were a huge hit to which Kylie Jenner rocks today. I persoanlly loved wearing this colour on interviews and at university as it was bold enough to look proffesional but not too bright.

4. Berry/Pinky Red - Rimmel Kate Moss: 107

I like to call this lipstick the autumnal red. Come the autumn season you see many beautiful ladies rocking the berry lip. This is a red with a bright pink/purpley undertone. This warm lipstick instantly makes the face glow perfect for the cold autumnal days.

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5. Orangey/Coral Red - Revlon Colour Lip Butter: 035 Candy Apple

The orange red lipstick is perfect for spring time, as it almost matches the brightness of the new spring. Because of the strong orange/coral undertone , makeup artist claim that this colour looks amazing with a tan as it emphasises the goldness and bronzeness in the skin.

6. Maroon Red - Revlon Colour Lip Butter: 040 Red Velvet

This is a dark red i.e. a maroon colour. When i think of this maroon lipstick i instantly think of Pakistani/Indian brides. Back in the 80's/90's they would wear this colour on their wedding day when being adorned with beautiful gold jewellery and jasmine flowers. The richness of the maroon colour again brightened their skin colour making them look fresh and very bridal.

7. Sheer Red - YSL Sheer Volupte Candy: 5

If you still are unsure of wearing red, try this sheer one out, the sheerness will emphasise the colour in your lips without being 'in your face' red, thus giving you a tinge of red. This is also perfect for those days where you simply cannot be bothered. Because lets face it those days are all the more common.

VERDICT: I genuinely believe that simply putting on a red lipstick is all you need so i hope you find your perfect red shade so all you will need is also red lipstick :)

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Maybelline Coloursensational – Pleasure Me Red

Maybelline Coloursensational – Pleasure Me Red

Usually before writing a lippie review, I give it a good few days of trial and error to give myself a good feel and to prevent slagging/worshipping in haste. Although I only purchased my new lipstick yesterday, it’s a case of blogging about it now or shouting from the rooftops. As I have been known to be clumsy at times and am wearing less than sensible shoes, I have decided to blog.

It has been a while since a lipstick got me this excited, but Maybelline Colorsensational in 547 Pleasure Me Red, really does do what it says on the tin. Rarely have I gotten such pleasure from a lipstick, and my god it is RED. I was a little wary when purchasing, as my previous experience with a Maybelline red lipstick, Hollywood Red left me bitterly disappointed/absolutely livid with the smudgy results. That, combined with Shiv-vicious’ scathing review of MAC Ruby Woo, I was beginning to lose faith in the crimson lip. Salvation, however, arrived in the form of this Maybelline lovely.

The best thing about Pleasure Me Red is the vivacious bold colour. A deep blood red with a blue based accent, the shade is truly striking, standing out on any skin tone. Perfect for AW’s dark cherry lip trend, Pleasure Me Red is rich, intense, deeply pigmented and crisp on the lips. The lipstick also is really creamy and soft, feeling totally delectable!

The staying-power is also very impressive. I must have lathered my hands with a dozen red lipstick testers yesterday, but Pleasure Me Red is the only colour left staining my hand today! I did have a few minor problems with application, but I do find that applying red lipstick is often more tricky than lighter colours and a good lip liner is a must.

Although it is a little smudgy, if you avoid overly touching your lips, eating with extreme gusto and passionately necking on, you should be good to go.

At £7.19 in Boots, the lipstick was a total bargain in my opinion and I would recommend Pleasure Me Red with total conviction!

Are you a fan of red lipstick? Which is your favourite shade?

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Where Is The Best Place To Buy Lipsticks?

Where Is The Best Place To Buy Lipsticks?

This is a very personal question. Some women prefer only the best quality products for their makeup. They would likely tell you that the best place to purchase a lipstick would be at a major high end store such as Bloomingdale’s or Nordstrom’s or Bergdorf Goodman. Other women are only interested in name brand products and reasonable pricing. These women would likely shop at middle range stores, such as Macy’s, because they would be able to get the quality product they prefer and use their bonus purchasing power if they purchase their lipstick using a store-based credit card or bonus shopping points or similar benefit that stores offer frequent shoppers.

Then there are the savvy women shoppers. They are interested in a unique, quality product at a great price. I am one of these women. Although I would love to spend my day trying lipstick samples in the high end stores since these stores make women feel so wonderful when shopping, I just don’t have the time or money to do this. So I prioritize my needs. What does it mean to prioritize my lipstick needs? It means that I need a good quality lipstick, in a hopefully attractive color, with a nice creamy feel and wearing power. Several lipsticks in all different price ranges fit this description. I assess which of these criteria is most important first, then second, and based on those decisions, I go to my favorite discount cosmetic or chain drug store.

Several good brands are available at chain drug stores or cosmetic outlets. The people working in these stores are often very friendly and willing to help you select a product that meets your particular needs. Additionally, because these stores make their profit on volume sales, their pricing is often better than any of the name stores carrying the same brand lipsticks. If you happen to be a frequent shopper, or carry a store bonus discount card, additional discounts are also frequently available for several brands at one time. However, as good as this sounds, there is one major downside to shopping this way for lipstick. Because these shops carry several brands and their stock changes frequently, if you happen to find a particular brand or shade that you really like, you may not be able to purchase it again at a later time or date if you need it. Therefore, my recommendation to savvy women shopping for lipstick in these stores is to purchase two tubes of the lipstick that you think you like. They are sufficiently reasonably priced to make the expenditure worthwhile, even if you wind up throwing out the second tube.

Cosmetic xmas

But, if the lipstick you just purchased turns out to be your new favorite, you’ll be fortunate to have an additional spare available for that special event that no other lipstick brand or shade will be able to satisfy. There is no doubt that for women, shopping for lipsticks is a very personal event. However, with a little savvy and planning, it is possible to get name brand, quality products at reasonable prices by frequenting cosmetic discount stores or large chain drug stores that specialize in discount, large volume supplies of cosmetics. The most enjoyable part is the fact that you got a great lipstick for a reasonable price and you know what that means – more money to spend on more cosmetics!

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Where do I Find The Perfect Shade Of Red Lipstick?

Where do I Find The Perfect Shade Of Red Lipstick?

There are some secrets of business. Our appearance does the magic in succeeding our business.The facial makeup is an important matter to be considered.When we carry out conversation listeners look up our face for expression.An attractive face will make the opponent cheerful, benefiting our expectation.

Lipstick does the gimmicks! Lipsticks not only add an air about us but it helps us to get protection from sun burning our lips.There are many shades in red color lipstick.We have to select which may suit our skin. All these tips and best suited lipsticks can be found in any fashion store or online markets.All shades are available for our skin tone.

But the colors may vary for different countries as the climate may vary. So choosing your lipstick depends on which country color you choose.If you choose a native color, it will be available in the local market;if you expect a foreign color, you have to do online shopping.

You can get the help from the beauty parlor people who knows all the details about lipsticks. We have to consult a beautician before buying a red color lipstick.The skin tone has to be considered when applying lipstick.For fair tone a bright color is needed.If the tone is darker a warm red color with brown undertone is needed.

When you need the right red

For medium tone a cherry undertone is needed.But the combination will be revealed only by the cosmetician.Lip glouse will give extra effect and protection for the lips.It should match the color of the lipstick.Do not choose with out the help of a cosmetologist or beautician.They will guide you to a correct place for getting correct shade of red lipstick.

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How Do I Find That Right Lipstick?

How Do I Find That Right Lipstick?

Which lipstick you choose will depend on many factors but the two most important issues are choosing the best color for you and where you’re going to be wearing that lipstick. A rule of thumb when considering make-up is to always stick with colors that look good on you. There may be trends that look appealing but you may not look as attractive as is possible when following a new fad.

Choosing the colors that are best for you can be confusing, but it’s possible to determine your color type using simple online quizzes. Your hair color, skin color, and eye color determine what colors look best on you. Of course, if you are partial to hot pink with glitter and feel great when you wear it, there’s nothing wrong with that, either.


Red lips red dress

There are two basic times to wear lipstick: Day and Night. Day-time lipstick wear is usually lighter, less shiny, and more natural looking. Night-time lipstick wear is usually characterized by darker, more brilliant shades, as well as a more glamorous sheen. Day-time lipsticks are usually lighter shades that compliment your natural skin tone and do not draw too much attention. For work place situations, there are even matte shades that offer a professional look while complimenting your own looks.

Night-time shades can be more dramatic and glamorous. If you think about a photograph, those with dark backgrounds need deeper, more rich colors within the focal point. Personally speaking, your face is a focal point and your lips, especially, can benefit from shinier, more deep tones that the color selected lipstick can offer you.